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Join Mass Mentoring Partnership for the 27th Annual Rodman Ride for Kids event on Saturday, September 23rd!

The Rodman Ride is the #1 single-day athletic fundraiser in the nation supporting at-risk kids.

The Rodman Ride for Kids is an umbrella matching gift charity raising funds for youth-focused social service organizations that support at-risk kids in Massachusetts. The Ride's mission is to have every kid in our community live as we would want our own kids to live.

Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) is fueling the movement to expand empowering youth-adult relationships across Massachusetts. MMP serves more than 270 programs statewide supporting over 33,000 youth in quality relationships.

Our approach, called Relationships In Action, is a four-prong method that focuses our efforts and makes us a more culturally responsive, effective partner to the community at large.

Through this approach, we ASSESS the needs of community and programs to understand the ways mentors and adult role models can improve the lives of youth, then work to BUILD opportunities with community-based organizations, businesses, schools, and government entities, by providing training, technical assistance, and knowledge sharing that develops the quality of programs. Through this process, we then aim to CONNECT the various institutions to create powerful networks that are able to collaborate and help create prosperous futures for youth and act as loyal ADVOCATES for communities.

100% of all expenses associated with the Ride for Kids are less than 2% of the total revenue, and they are all underwritten by Rodman Ford. This means that when you donate to the Ride for Kids, 100% of your donation will directly benefit at-risk kids!